Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Secret to Grow Taller: Lullabies

Human height is determined by a combination of health, environmental and hereditary factors. Environmental factors are events like diet, exercise, and living conditions that could only occur before adulthood. One promising way to stimulate human growth is by having mothers sing lullabies to their babies while holding and rocking them.

Growth hormone is a peptide that stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans. The amount of growth secretion is highest in early childhood. Listening to lullaby music during early childhood might be the secret to increase the height of a person because it stimulates the secretion a growth hormone during the peak of the pubertal growth spurt.

A simmilar idea has been tested in plants with classical music. A study at Oxford University in 2001 showed classical musical was better than fertilizer for stimulating plant growth. Since the soothing nature of lullabies closely relates to soft melodies of classical music, one could think that it could be an effective substitute. However, we need extensive tests before we can determine the efficacy of lullabies in human growth.

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